5th Annual Function 2007

  1. Chief Guest receiving the souvenier

  2. Chief Executive and Chief Guest

  3. Mr. Arslan Khan top position holder (9th) receiving the shield

  4. Jawad Ahmed top position holder (8th) receiving the shield

  5. Snizza Sali position holder receiving shield

  6. Best teacher receiving the shield

  7. Students depicting the significance of women emancipation

  8. Students presenting demoralized social values

  9. Performance on a Rhyme

  10. Students represanting prominent historic women

  11. Cultural presentation by girsl

  12. Cultural presentation by students

  13. Students giving performance in a skit

  14. Students representing cultural dishormony in country

  15. Faculty of Radiant School

  16. Faculty of Radiant School

  17. Participants of a variety show

  18. Student performing tableou

  19. Student representing a political figure

  20. Students showing performance in a tableou

  21. Chief Executive, Chief Guest and Chief Patron

  22. Students performance in cultural show